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Flip These Seats: Georgia State House of Representatives

Out of 180 seats, 56 Democratic candidates are running unopposed and 40 Republicans are running unopposed. That leaves 84 seats with contested elections. 


Here’s where you come in: First, find out which district you live in and who your current House Representative is. Then, check this complete list of the Democrats running to see if your district has a contested race. If it does, we encourage you to support your local Democratic candidate. Donate. Tweet about them. Put a campaign sign in your yard. Host a virtual house party for your neighbors.


If your district is uncontested, we’ve put together a list of the 29 most flippable or most in-need-of-defending seats (along with Dem candidate websites and social media handles where available). We encourage you to adopt one (or more!) of the candidates listed below to support.*


Just like you would for your own district, donate, volunteer, and boost their voices on social media. Click on a candidate’s website to reach out about how you can help! 

* A note on our methodology: We reviewed recommendations and voting stats from The Democratic Party of Georgia, Swing LeftPeach Resist, and The National Democratic Redistricting Committee to come up with the most flippable and “must defend” seats.

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